March 20, 2011

Simon Wiesenthal: the man who wouldn't quit

This project is an interesting glimpse into the life of an amazing Holocaust survivor. Simon Wiesenthal miraculously outlived six million fellow Jews to create an incredible legacy after World War II. Wiesenthal volunteered to the War Crimes Tribunal after recovering from life in the death camps, then went on to doggedly research, hunt, and convict Nazi war criminals. His efforts led to the capture and conviction of over 1,100 criminals linked to the Holocaust. But, don't stop here... find out more!

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  1. This is a neat little presentation. Amazing how much one man can do when he is motivated by something that changed his life and the lives of others forever. Yes, it's too bad More Christians cannot follow the example of Simon Wiesenthal. He's an intriguing man. :)