February 20, 2011


Have you ever thought about perspective? Perception is something we usually don’t think about, yet it influences everything we know and recognize with our senses. Each of us probably has a unique perspective on Plato, fireworks, democracy, french fries, and pets. Our perspective might be influenced by our own interaction with these topics, others’ experiences we are aware of, or from our own knowledge.

Perspective is influenced by many factors. For example, have you taken a ride on a roller coaster? I never have, so your roller coaster experience would give you a different perspective than mine. You might enjoy memories of the feelings you experienced, or you might try to forget the nausea and fear the ride produced! Since I’ve never ridden on a roller coaster, my only experience comes from other’s descriptions and my own imagination. I might see a roller coaster from a distance, I might watch videos of what it’s like to ride one, and I might even stand next to one and watch others ride it. But until I actually ride a roller coaster, I won’t know exactly what it’s like.

History can be a lot like that. Most of history is something that we will never see in real life. We might hear others tell us about it. We might watch videos or even stand in museums of history. The events of the past are gone, and we cannot relive them. But we still can certainly experience history today!

The Holocaust is our primary focus here. The next few posts will significantly influence our perspective on the Holocaust. We will examine fascinating historical accounts and events and learn from influential personal testimonies. The best part is that we will see what God has to say about these historical events. The Bible has the answers to all of mankind’s needs, and we will be examining what God’s Word says about human history.

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